University and College Art Prints and Original Paintings

Alumni across the country have an infatuation and love affair with their schools that is as close as their families. Pride runs deep as generations of children fall into ranks, making their mark on traditions ingrained in them when they were small. Babies sporting team colors to toddlers dressed up as cheerleaders; it's never too early to establish the next generation of Tar Heels, Demon Deacons, or Blue Devils! His beautiful North Carolina school paintings and art reproductions hang in many homes and offices throughout the country, evoking fond memories of their time spent on campus. Since their conception, these handsome art works have continued to be popular reminders of time enjoyed by each school's alumni. Capture the beauty of a university or college campus with a commissioned art painting by William Mangum, North Carolina's artist.

Bill's love of architectural painting is exemplified in the creation of his distinguished university campus scenes. Bill's gift for painting detailed landscapes captures mood and color unique to each school's personality. You can almost smell the buds in bloom and hear the friendly banter of coeds parading class to class.

Many of these stellar works of art were commissioned as fundraisers and gifts to the schools.

If you would like to learn more about commissioning William Mangum to create a special painting and art print of your school or university, please contact Joy Ross at 336.379.9200, or

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