It is easy to see in his stirring images of city streets, rural settings, and special commissions — William Mangum’s love for North Carolina. It binds him to his collectors and readers. What they may not know about Bill is his deep belief in Christianity, and how meeting a mentally ill man charged his work and life. These important aspects of Bill’s world bring a much deeper purpose to his art. Bill’s friendship with this troubled man gave him a direct and unique understanding of important spiritual truths.


"An artist has the opportunity to be very close to God in that we "re-create" what He has created. We take it apart, and we dissect it," Bill once told a newspaper reporter. In the same fashion, Bill is inclined to take apart and examine his spiritual life. Like many, he struggles against all the trappings of modern life that can ensnare the living soul. He says it this way:


"I constantly ask myself, recognizing how overwhelmingly blessed I am: what sets me apart from so many other tremendously talented folks? What does God really want me to do with this gift? Anybody can learn to paint; but honestly, deep inside me there's a higher purpose and a calling." In the company of both friends and strangers, Bill seeks the answer to this question in his best effort to live a grateful and authentic life.


The Honor Card 
The Honor Card program is an annual campaign to raise awareness and funds to meet the needs of the homeless. During the holiday season, Honor Cards are available for a minimum donation of $5 each. Individuals who purchase Honor Cards send them to friends and family, indicating that they have been honored by a donation to a local outreach agency. All proceeds go directly to each participating agency.


Personally touched by the needs of the homeless, Bill has been an advocate, donating his artistic skills and publishing gifts to make The Honor Card program one of the most well run and leveraged charitable programs in the country. Within each beautiful painting is the subtle image and story of the needy. As The Honor Card program reaches its 30th anniversary, more than $7,000,000 has been raised to support homeless agencies in thirteen cities across North Carolina.


Friends House Ministry, Greensboro
Each Wednesday morning you will find Bill beside friends and students as this army of volunteers provide a hearty breakfast to those less fortunate. Coupled with this outstanding breakfast to warm the body is a message to feed the soul. Words of hope, inspiration and grace are provided through God’s word. Each week Friends House Ministry feeds over 400 needy and homeless individuals.


William Mangum Artistic Merit Award
A recipient of both a BFA and MFA from the University of North Carolina Greensboro Bill established this annual Award for a senior painting major. The recipient has their art supplies under written and is given the opportunity to present their artwork towards their first exhibition spurring them onto a professional career opportunity.


Each year William Mangum is honored to be asked for help by organizations large and small raise toward raising awareness for their worthwhile cause. Joy Ross handles charitable requests for Bill. She may be reached at 336.379.9200 or