Speaking Programs

William Mangum is an engaging speaker who enthusiastically informs, entertains and inspires his audience. His programs across North Carolina and around the United States provide high content and take-home value through carefully customized presentations. His versatility is matched in full by the flexibility and preparation he brings to each assignment. Coupled with his extraordinary programs is an array of art and gift items many companies appreciate as favors and gifts for their clients and guests. In addition to being a successful businessman, speaker and artist, Bill is the creator and publisher of five award-winning books and two documentaries. To learn more about booking William Mangum for your next program call Joy Ross 336.379.9200 or email joy@williammangum.com.





From his modest childhood to his first painting, Bill reflects on purchasing a 59 cent tray of watercolors and creating his first painting as a Christmas gift for his mother. Tracing his humble roots to having his artistic talents internationally recognized, William Mangum offers a motivating story about his climb to success. Little did he know that his meager beginnings would serve as a catalyst for the creation of more than 3,000 original paintings, 350 limited edition art prints and eight books celebrating his artwork— now collected worldwide!



An early morning encounter with a homeless man in a local restaurant inspired Bill to become involved with the plight of the homeless. Bill has created the Honor Card Program, raising funds and awareness for thirteen agencies across North Carolina. Now in its 30th year, this annual creation has raised over $7,000,000 for the needy and homeless across North Carolina. Bill shares his touching story in hopes of inspiring others to use their gifts and talents to reach out to those in need, give help in their own special way.



Bill considers North Carolina an artist paradise.  He counts his ability to live and work in such a beautiful state a true blessing. He for more than forty years he has preserved the sights around him by capturing many familiar North Carolina scenes in his paintings. One of Bill's most  historic celebrations of the Tarheel State is his award winning book Carolina Preserves. Through Bill’s paintings and the prose of 48 North Carolinians, special places and people are timelessly honored. This program is appreciated most by those that adore Bill’s beloved state of North Carolina.



Curiosity abounds as to how an original painting is actually created. It’s definitely more than just paint by numbers! Bill educates his audience on how his paintings come to life through his entertaining and informative presentation. His art appreciation course takes on a relaxed manner, engaging audiences with the behind the scenes experience of how he finds his inspiration to how Bill's worked has become An Artist Inspired Home Collection.


Rave Reviews

“The one thing that is unique about Bill is that many who have an artistic talent are not verbally outgoing; he shows you his work with joy! Listening to Bill, meant that you were in for something special. It didn’t matter what state of mind you had come from or grew up in, he touched all of us.”

Harry Reynolds
Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

“We were looking for an entertaining convention presentation and bill delivered in spades!” Bill shared not only his interesting dialogue on his paintings, but also an insight to creative energies. Everyone learned from and enjoyed Bill, a real North Carolina treasure.”

Allan Head
Executive Director, NC Bar Association

Through telling art and beautiful illustration, Bill’s work reflects a commitment to preserving the best qualities of one of the South’s most beloved states.”

Southern Living Magazine

“I just received our guest survey’s from the Best of Our State event at the Pinehurst Hotel. Over 90% of the responses to the question “which program did you enjoy the most?” indicated Bill Mangum!

Bernard Mann
Publisher, Our State Magazine